#200 – Travis Tritt- Trouble

For those who know me I’m sure this seems like an odd way to kick off my list. And to be honest I’m a little suprised myself. What maybe even stranger is that Kenny Chesny came in at 201….hmm. While I am not a huge fan of country, I do have my moments. And there was a time in the early ninety’s when country was in heavy rotation in my CD player…and I drank alot of Jim Beam.

While this album is not really classic per say it does have something to offer. Obviously the title song is the cut on this disc to hang your cowboy hat on. And at closer listen this song is almost as much blues rock as it is country and it is good music to drink to. “Can I trust You With My Heart” “& “Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man” are the only other real songs of note. The first a classic 90’s country ballad and the latter another beer drinking blues rock anthem to the blue collars of the world.

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2 Responses to #200 – Travis Tritt- Trouble

  1. Jeff Koolmo says:

    I have to comment on this selection. While I understand everybody has their own taste in music and I’m glad to see my all time favorite artist at least made your list. I’m hoping there may be more of TT further on down the line. I own every CD he has released and though I love them all, there are a couple that are better than this one. Maybe you don’t own them, but I’d be happy to borrow them to you.

  2. volavka says:

    That’s why it’s a list of MY favorite discs that I own. I’m quite sure this would be higher on the “Jeff” list. As for whether or not there is any more Travis Tritt on the list….you’ll have to keep on checking in.

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