Just For Me (..and maybe you too!)

Around the start of the New Year I decided that I wanted to go thru my vast collection of music and do something with it. At first I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do, it was just an inarticulate internal yearning. Anyone who knows me in the slightest regard also knows that I am very passionate about my music and that it is a very important part of my life. They also know that my taste in music is varied and extremely eclectic. Staring at my collection of music I realized that there was a large number of selections that may not have had the privilege of being heard in quite some time, in many cases its been years. Also around this time Rolling Stone magazine published their 500 greatest albums issue. As I perused the magazine I noticed how many times I agreed or disagreed with their list and how much I enjoyed the issue.

Now you can picture the lighted bulb that was floating above my head. I decided that what I going to do was compile a ranking of my own music collection. A fine enough idea but what would I do with a list of my favorite albums (I’m going to interject at this point to tell you that from here on out, they will be refered to as albums! ) ? That was when yet another light bulb appeared above me and told me I could start a blog and post my list for all the world to see and disagree with ! At this point you may feel free to picture the guys from the Guinness commercial shouting “Brilliant” !!

Now I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but was not sure exactly how to go about it. There had to be rules, right??? Without rules there is anarchy !! So as I looked at my collection of hundreds of discs..ahem…albums, in what way would I go about this. I figured I would go thru and rate each song on an album with a 1 thru 10 rating system.

Soul Asylum @ the Fine Line 2007

Obviously not perfect considering some are EP’s and some are 2 disc sets, so albums have a large variance in the number of songs included on each one. Then after that numbering system had been applied I would take these blocks of similarly rated discs and then arrange them on my own merits.

The first thing I decided was that I would not include “Live” albums. Many are double disc sets that include hits & covers that would throw the ratings out of whack. Most live albums are not that great anyways. But some are signature discs, or in the case of an artist such as Bob Schnieder, the ideal way to listen to that artist.

Next I decided not to include “Greatest Hits” & “Boxed Sets”. This was not an easy decision because obviously there are many artists in my collection where their Greatest Hits disc is the only one I own of that particular artist. So there will be many artists who are truly favorites of mine that will not appear on my list. That sucks because Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and the like will not be on here and some will not realize that I also have a soulful side. But rules are rules dammit, and we have to have them.

Then I had to come up with how many albums would I include on my list? I probably could have went as high as 500. But I have so many albums that I bought because I loved a particular song but the rest of the disc sucked. I wanted to try to limit the inclusion of these selections. So I choose 200. That’s my number, enough said.

The final rule is that it has to be on my shelf or in my Ipod. It has to be something that I physically (or digitally) own.

I am not going to box myself in with a rigid, structured system as to how I will share this list. It could be one or several a day, or I could go a week or two between postings. It’s up to me. And there is a small part of me that hopes that some of these posts may inspire you to listen to an artist that you have not listened to in a long time, or perhaps never even heard of, prior to my blog. I encourage any feedback with my selections…because that’s kinda why I’m doing it…so here we go

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