#193 Billy Idol – Charmed Life (1990)

 “Charmed Life” is Billy’s 4th studio album and was released in 1990, after Billy had closed out the 1980’s with a Greatest Hits offering.  Although the album in its entirety is unbalanced with quality and maybe weaker than its 3 predecessors it does offer 2 great tracks. The song everyone knows off this disc is “Cradle Of Love”. A rock/dance/pop effort that could have fit anywhere in his mid 80’s string of radio hits. But the real gem on this album is Billy’s cover of the Doors “L.A. Woman”. I can be a sucker for cover songs, if they are done well, and this one is. It helps that “L.A. Woman” is my favorite Doors tune to begin with (with Roadhouse Blues a close second). You won’t mistake Idol for Mr. Mojo, but he stays true to the original song and makes it unmistakably Billy Idol at the same time, especially when he is belting out “I’ve Never seen a woman so alone”. If you have never heard this track I encourage you to go to I Tunes and listen to the sample, it’ll be worth the $.99 to add it to your I Pod.

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