#195 Jackson Browne – The Pretender (1976)

Although Jackson Browne had a hit single with 1972’s “Dr.My Eyes” off his debut effort, it was here on his 4th album “The Pretender” that he starting developing his laid back Southern California sound that would dominate the late 1970’s. It was briefly hinted at when he co-wrote “Take It Easy” with good friend Glen Frey for the Eagles in 1974. The album was recorded following the suicide of his first wife and the first single was “Here Come Those Tears Again” which her mother was given a co-writing credit. While there are some very good songs on the disc including “Your Bright Baby Blues” and “Linda Paloma”, it is the closing title track that pulls everything together into a glorious climatic end. “The Pretender” is a beautifully written near perfect song. It is the type of song that demands that you sit in your car and listen until it finishes even though you have already arrived at your destination. And although bigger hits and super stardom were in Jackson’s future, he would never write a better song.

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