#196 U2 – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)

The first and not the last U2 entry on my top 200. 2004’s “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” was actually a very disappointing disc to me. After a triumphant return to greatness with 2000’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” this follow-up was a weak effort and sounded more like the electro-pop drivel that U2 tried to force feed us thru out the 1990’s.While there a couple of good cuts off this offering it does not approach anything near the previous albums output.  Of course the lead single from this album “Vertigo” is burned into our minds. It is a catchy electro masterpiece and gets you right from the start as Bono counts out “Uno, Dos ,Tres, Quatorce…”. It is the first song on the disc and as you listen after you keep waiting for that U2 sound….and waiting…and waiting. “You Can’t Make It On Your Own” and “City Of Blinding Lights” are both good efforts that hint at something more that just doesn’t come.

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