#190 Warren Zevon – The Wind (2003)

Warren Zevon is one of my favorite artists, but all of my Zevon discs in my collection are Greatest Hit & compilation offerings. Except for this album. Zevon begin recording “The Wind” after he had been informed that he had terminal cancer and was released just weeks before his death. It was nominated for 5 Grammy’s and won 2. It sounds unlike any earlier Zevon you may have heard. But I suppose the fact that you are dying can perhaps mellow you and force you to be a bit more introspective. There are some very good tunes on this album, including “Disorder In The House” (with Bruce Springsteen), “Dirty Life & Times” allude to the wilder side of Warren. They are counter balanced by the quiet introspection of “El Amor de Mi Vida” “She’s Too Good For Me” and his cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”. But the most powerful song on the disc was the one in which Warren picked to close out the album, “Keep Me In Your Heart” a song that hopefully yearns to be remembered even after your passing. Not “Werewolves Of London” by a long shot….

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