#188 Jackyl – self titled (1992)

The year was 1992…and someone forgot to tell Jackyl that Hair Metal was dead. In many respects it was albums like this that killed it. A band that had a 2 good songs and were rushed to the studio where they completed out the rest of the disc with brainless ,3 chord filler. The catchy, gimmick filled “Lumberjack”, complete with a chainsaw solo, was the big song that drove this album to platinum status. “Chainsaw Kane” from Slave Raider might have wanted to kick his ass when he first heard this, he must have felt his schtick from years earlier had been ripped off. But the real gem of this disc is the second single released, “Down On Me”. It’s a classic hard rock tune that still makes me smile every time I hear it…”I feel the sun shining…down on me…”. Plus I use this as my ringtone for Schooly…because he’s so damn tall…he’s always talking down on me. The band has seen a resurgence in popularity with lead singer Jesse James Dupree appearing on the reality show Full Throttle Saloon, which I have to admit I find entertaining as hell.

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