#186 Dave Matthews Band – Under The Table And Dreaming (1994)

 Although DMB are very popular, this is the only album that I own by them. Not that there have not be songs that I enjoy from them on future releases, just never enough to inspire me to purchase. This was DMB’s second album, but first to receive commercial attention. The first single released from this disc was “What Would You Say” (which features Jon Popper from Blues Traveler on harmonica) and from the moment you heard it you were aware that this band had a unique sound and feel. The isolating sounds of the acoustic guitars and mixing of vocal harmonies sounded like nothing else you had heard before. And the lyric was catchy. But it was when the second single from the album was released that I was motivated enough to run out and add this to my collection. “Ant’s Marching” grabs you from the moment the snare drum beat snaps you to attention. Once again you are quickly reminded that this does not sound like anything else that is playing on the radio in the mid-90’s. The lyrical ballad between verses,bridges & chorus’ and intelligence of the words is still enjoyable to me. A third single “Satellite” was also on this disc. It is a ballad, that although was different at the time, seems now like a blueprint for future DMB ballads, such as “Crash”,etc. Many of my friends maybe offended that this is the only album I have and that it is so low on my list, they just hold them in higher esteem than I do…..not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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