#187 Black Crowes – Warpaint (2008)

In 2008, after 7 years without a new studio album, the Crowes presented their fans with Warpaint. In many respects this album sounds as if it were the Crowes own version of “Exile On Main Street”. It’s a stripped down, dirty, raw sounding work that bears little resemblance to their early 1990’s albums. In fact on the tour supporting this disc they played “Torn & Frayed” from “Exile” nightly. This album though is a natural progression in sound for the Robinson brothers, as they are the only remaining members of the band from their 1990’s heyday. The years of drug induced mayhem and constant fighting between the brothers Robinson has led to constant changes in personnel. But although the names have changed, the spirit has not. The soul of the Crowes has always been Chris & Rich Robinson. The album kicks off with a typical Stones/Crowes like rocker “Good Bye Daughters Of The Revolution”, a song whose chorus will catch in your brain and rattle off of your lips the rest of the day. The true gem of this offering though is the track #3, “Josephine” a heroin/whiskey soaked blues ballad that oozes with the trepidation of a relationship gasping its last breath in urgency. This song is as good as anything they have recorded and if Mick dubbed the vocals it could be dubbed into a remaster of classic Stones “Let It Bleed” or “Exile” era releases. After this the album drifts away a little. It is a disc that has a more that you listen to feel , and perhaps if I did my list a year from now it would rank even higher.

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