#183 Mick Jagger – Wandering Spirit (1993)

“Wandering Spirit” was Mick Jagger’s 3rd solo album and was released in 1993. Although I had his first 2 solo offerings on good ‘ol cassette, this is the only digital “Solo Mick” that is in my collection.While it might be a weaker effort than his previous work sans the Stones, it does have some merits. There were no big hits like “Just Another Night” on this one. Mick used less synthesizers & effects on this one, opting instead for a leaner guitar oriented sound. And of course the vocal is classic & distinctively Mick. He snarls thru “Sweet Thing” & “Out Of Focus” with a vocal swagger that is reminiscent of “Emotional Rescue” era Stones. The gem of this disc though is the beautifully orchestrated “Evening Gown” which is a whiskey soaked, almost country sounding, ode to reminding himself (and maybe the rest of us who are aging rapidly) that”We can still paint this town…alll the colors of your evening gown“. This tune is my favorite song of any solo Jagger offering. I only wish that Mick had saved this one for a Stones effort so it would have gotten its proper respect. Many years later I would be shopping at a Borders bookstore when I heard the song playing on the overhead speakers, but it wasn’t Mick’s version. I cannot begin to tell you how intrigued I was to find out who the hell had covered such an obscure song. After inquiring I found out that it was none other than The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis, on his then new CD of duet cover tunes. Needless to say I had purchased it before I left the store…..but that is a different blog post….

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