#185 Randy Travis – High Lonesome (1991)

I am just going to say this now, I unapologetically love Randy Travis’ voice. Although Marc Cohn’s “True Companion” was my wedding song, my ex-wife and I’s first dance at our wedding was to Randy’s “Deeper Than The Hollow” & “If I Didn’t Have You”.This is the only non Greatest Hits album I own by Randy.There are quite a few entries like this on the list, where I really love an artist but only have one or two selections besides the GH package or box set. This album was released in 1991, after both Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 had been previously released. There are several songs here that could have made the cut on those 2 records. The biggest hit here was “Point Of Light”, which is a nice tune, but has always sat funny with me because it was a take on George Bush and his silly”1,000 Points Of Light” program (which also spawned a great lyric by Todd Snider when he quipped about American gullibility “we’ll buy anything from Diet Sprite to 1,000 points of light, I admit we’re not that bright, but I’m proud anyway”). “Forever Together” is in the vain of Travis’ classic country love ballads ala “Forever & Ever Amen” vein. “I’m Gonna Have A Little Talk (with Jesus)” is a catchy and fun country hymn song with a modern sound. My favorite cut on this disc though is “Better Class Of Losers” which is a fun country stomp that is infused with Randy’s country twang . Interesting to note that a then relatively unknown Alan Jackson co-wrote many of these songs with Randy, including “Better Class Of Losers” & “Forever Together”. Randy would return the favor the following year by co-writing Jackson’s first big hit “She’s Got The Rythm ( and I got the Blues)”.

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2 Responses to #185 Randy Travis – High Lonesome (1991)

  1. Jeff Koolmo says:

    If High Lonesome was released in ’91, how do you figure Garth Brooks “stole” the theme for “Friends In Low Places” when that was released in ’90? Just sayin’…or just askin’?

  2. volavka says:

    Nice catch…High Lonesome was released 1 year exactly to the day as No Fences..

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