#182 Billy Squier – Tell The Truth (1993)

  “Tell The Truth” was the end of the line for Billy as a major recording artist. It was his 8th and final offering with Capital Records, and the only one which never cracked Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. Capital did absolutely nothing to promote the record and it died a quick and quiet death. It didn’t help that this record sounded nothing like the early 80’s guitar driven hard rock that Squier had cut his teeth on. The only single released was the album’s first track “Angry”, which charted at #15 on the Mainstream Rock Singles chart. “Rhythm/A Bridge So Far” the album’s third track may have been a better choice to release as a single, which has its roots in the “Emotions In Motion” era Squier, but with more melodic vocals. Far and away the reason to get this record is the 5th cut “Lovin’ You Ain’t So Hard” a beautiful acoustic treasure that hints at what we would hear more of 5 years later when Billy would release his independent acoustic disc “Happy Blue”. It also lets you know that the talent was still there even if the audience wasn’t.

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