#179 Cake – Motorcade Of Generosity (1994)

From the moment I heard “Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle” I was in love with it, and despite the years since it’s release, I still feel the same way. Really isn’t that the key to a great song? It was the sole reason I bought this disc. Nothing else on this record sounds quite like “Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle”, but that’s ok. Cake has a unique sound which is definitely not for everyone. Some may even call them strange. To me they were kind of like the “90’s version of the Violent Femmes from the 80’s. Finding a niche spot in the music scene, while rejecting to be a slave to the prevailing musical party favor of the moment. For the Femmes it was New Wave, for Cake it was Grunge. There are 3 other stand out tracks on “Motorcade”. The electro thump of “Mr. Mastodon Farm” , my daughter Kirby’s favorite “Jolene” and crazy, fun “I Bomb Korea”. A few years back local brewer, Summit Beer, held a huge 10th Anniversary Party down on Harriet Island in St. Paul. The gig included local bands the Suburbs & Soul Asylum with Cake headlining the affair. After Soul Asylum blew the metaphorical roof off the place (since it was outdoors, there really was no roof) Cake took the stage. No question Dave Pirner and the boys were going to be tough to follow that night, but Cake didn’t even try. Halfway thru the set, while people were cat-calling for something familiar, the band informed everyone they were going to play whatever they want and if we didn’t like tough shit. That was my cue to leave. “How long will the worker’s keep building him new ones? As long as his soda cans are red,white & blue ones !”, sounds like they kinda turned into what they once lampooned, huh?

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