#181 Van Morrison – His Band & The Street Choir (1970)

 Van Morrison…..enough said. Well, not really, I’m gonna say some shit. This is the first of many that will appear on my list. I am just such a huge fan of “Van The Man”. Using the word prolific doesn’t even come close, he has released 33 solo studio albums to date. And to try to pigeon holes Van’s music with a label is an exercise in futility, because it cannot be done. When Van speaks of this record now it is in a dismissive tone. As the album was going to production both the name of the record (Virgo’s Fool) and order of songs was changed without his approval. Van is also a huge Fats Domino fan and many have opined that this was some sort of tribute to Fats. It was part of a period where he released 4 LP’s in 2 years that proved to be one of the most commercially successful of his career. Of those 4 this was the 2nd one released, in November 1970. The biggest hit & maybe only song recognizable to most is “Domino”. I don’t think I have to say much about this as it is a classic rock staple. “Crazy Face” is a wonderful song about american outlaws & makes reference to Jessie James. The 1st song on side 2 (yes kiddies there were 2 sides to a record !) was “Blue Money” which is my personal favorite song on this album. “His Band & The Street Choir” may not be Van’s best or loaded with hits, but it does reflect an artist during his peak. Van Morrison has never given much of a thought to trying to produce music for anyone but himself and this is a perfect example.

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