#178 John Eddie – Who The Hell Is John Eddie? (2003)

It’s strange how you discover new music. In this day and age it has become even harder because terrestrial radio has turned into a vehicle which is basically controlled by mega music corporations. Mostly gone are the days where a programmer, let alone a DJ, has much input into the music played (and how often) on their station. One of the ways I have discovered some artists that I probably would have never heard of is Pandora. This is how I discovered John Eddie. A New Jersey musician (via Virginia) who has toiled in relative obscurity for years and years on the club circuit. In the mid 80’s he was signed to a recording contract with Columbia Records and released 2 albums, John Eddie & Hard Cold Truth, in 1986 & 1990. It would be 13 years before he released another record, when in 2003 he offered up “Who The Hell Is John Eddie?”. The first song that I heard was “Forty”, a fun romp about how much it sucks to get old & to be grateful that there is always someone that’s older than you. I loved the song and it intrigued me into delving deeper into just exactly who the hell WAS John Eddie. My next discovery was a shocker, to discover that one of my favorite songs off of Kid Rock’s last disc “Rock-n-Roll Jesus” was actually a cover song off this record. “Lowlife” sounds a little grittier and less polished than Kid’s version, but it also sounds a little more whisky soaked and authentic. Those 2 songs alone are reason enough to invest in this record and truthfully are the 2 strongest cuts. But I also really like “Shithole Bar” & “Play Some Skynard”. The latter a touching song about a guy who plays in a bar, pouring his heart thru his songs, and an audience who doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t really care. “Who The Hell Is John Eddie?” feels like an autobiographical work that John poured his heart into.

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