#175 Van Morrison – Saint Dominic’s Preview (1972)

This album was the fourth Van released in a 2 year period from 1970-1972. It really had the misfortune of following Tupelo Honey, which was one of his cornerstone offerings. But taken on its own merits, “Saint Dominic’s Preview” is classic “Van The Man”, a blending of rock,jazz & blues with a voice as soulful as 2 AM bourbon. Oh there is indulgence to be sure, as both sides of the record end on songs that clock in over 10 minutes long, which limits the LP to 7 songs. Morrison hits you right away (as we said in the old days “side 1, track 1”) with “Jackie Wilson Said” that starts out with a classic voice stuttering ala the “sha la la’s” of Brown Eyed Girl”. It’s a playful introduction to the record that quickly moves into a soulful rendition of “Gypsy”. Side 2 starts out with a classic “deep track”, the album’s title cut. Although this disc does not contain any of the hits by Van that you may hear on classic rock radio, there can be no doubt that is solidly in the second tier of Morrison offerings. That may not sound to good until you consider that he has released over 30 solo records.

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