#176 Rugburns – Mommy I’m Sorry (1995)

The Rugburns were a band out of San Diego led by eccentric singer/songwriter Steve Poltz. The band released 3 discs in the ’90’s, “Mommy I’m Sorry” is the middle disc of the trilogy. Technically this is actually an EP, as it contains just 6 songs. As is typical of the Rugburns/Poltz the songs run the gambit from serious to playful to WTF??.  The beautiful “Lockjaw” would qualify as the serious. Steve still keeps this song in his live rotation and it’s still one of my favorite song’s. It is a song that talks to those of us who struggle with our ability to express our feelings, especially to the opposite sex. It is classic manic Poltzy. This song would reappear on the ‘Burns next album. The playful is the cover of the “Sesame Street” theme song with a killer bass line & a fun Steve Poltz falsetto. And really what communist doesn’t love this song, right? Then there is the “WTF?” song which is the classic “Dick’s Automotive”. Clocking an at a laborious 8:41 seconds, I would only do this song injustice trying to describe it. It was a classic live song for the Rugburns and on occasion Steve still performs it. It is a tempo changing rollercoaster that was somewhat lampooned by “Wierd” Al Yankovic on his song “Albuquerque”. Although I have never asked Steve about that, my guess is he would take great pride in it. This EP also includes “Skyfuckingline of Toronto” a rock-n-roll rave up that makes no sense but demonstrates the band can electrify itself.


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