#174 Weezer – Ratitude (2009)

 I’ll admit that Weezer is more of my daughter’s type of band than mine. I really like “Island In The Sun” & I’m alright with “Buddy Holly”, but that was about as far as my Weezer listening ears went. Although last year while listening to Pandora I heard a group of these songs several times and caught the Weezer bug. Trust me, Bob Dylan these guys are not. But their music is fun and easy to listen to. My love of this album is contained mostly to first 3 songs. The 1st track on the disc is “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”, the title says it all, a catchy twist on words. The second track “I’m Your Daddy” follows the same pop jangle. My favorite song on this album is “The Girl Got Hot”, a song about coming back to school after summer vacation and discovering that somebody who used to be nondescript now has your heart thumping. I don’t think there is a red-blooded american male that can’t relate to this scenario. And it’s all done with a musical charge that will keep at least one appendage on your body (toes,legs, finger,arms,etc.) keeping the beat throughout.

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