#173 George Thorogood – Born To Be Bad (1988)

In the 1980’s my cassette collection included many titles from George Thorogood and I think that I played 1986’s Live so often that the tape thinned and I had to buy a second one. I’ve seen George in concert a few times & some of it I actually remember. I have very fond memories of a teenage night at Harriet Island for St.Paul’s Riverfest where George & the Delaware Destroyers ripped the place up. My memory my fail me but I believe it was the show that helped put an end to the annual festival. With all that being said this is the CD of his in my collection (I think I really need to remedy that). This album really marked the end of George’s run at being a commercially viable artist. That being said “Born To Be Bad” is a good effort with typically fun songs.  Thorogood made his career out of covering other artists material, besides “Bad To The Bone” almost every song of his you know was previously recorded by other artists. On this album George put on his songwriting hat and offered his most original material to date, and accounted for all the singles from the record. Don’t get me wrong, there are cover tunes. Most notably Elmore James “Shake Your Moneymaker” &  Howlin’ Wolf’s “Smokestack Lightning”, done in typical GT & Destroyers fashion. All 3 of the original songs were fun blues rock romps with tongue in cheek lyrics that received heavy rotation on classic rock radio in the Late ’80’s. “You Talk To Much”, “I Really Like Girls” & the title track “Born To Be Bad”.

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