#170 Blues Traveler – four (1994)

I know this may sound ridiculous now, but when Cities 97 first started playing “Run Around” I thought it sounded exactly like Cat Stevens to the point where I even wonder if it could possibly be him. Even though this was Blues Travelers 4th album, they were basically an unknown entity at that time. After hearing them so much more it makes it harder to imagine that I thought it sounded like The Cat, but it did. Based on that one song I purchased the disc. When Blues Traveler was first formed Harmonica Virtoso and lead singer Jon Popper was also in a second band. He left that band to commit full time to Blues Traveler. That band was the Spin Doctors, which he played harp for on their debut album. Prior to the release of “four” he had to be second guessing himself a little. “Run Around” was a fun, upbeat song with blistering harmonica and whimsical lyrics, it would go on to win a grammy the following year for “Best Rock Song by a group or duo”. The second single “Hook” had the same formula as “Run Around” and they were definatly musical siblings. Although it didn’t do as well, it still was a radio hit and a very good song. The third single from this record “The Mountains Win Again” had a differant sound then the first 2 singles. It was slower,softer and more melodic than it’s predecessors,but was a very nice tune nonetheless. Although at the time this single did not create much buzz it would reappear a few years later as the theme song in a Busch beer commercial campaign.

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