#166 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Deja Vu (1970)

One of the first true superstar bands, it was made up of parts of the Hollies (Nash), the Byrds (Crosby) & Buffalo Springfield (Stills & Young). Their first effort was a huge smash, and they brought Neil Young on board for the second album. The first album was a much more acoustic and harmonious affair, with the addition of Young the harmonies stayed but the music was harder and edgier. Problems begin in the studio almost immediately, where the combination of drugs and huge egos turned the recording process into individual sessions, where members brought in a song & told the other members what parts they needed to record on that song. The first track on this disc is a Stephen Stills offering, “Carry On”, where the music and harmonies were very reminiscent of the first album. The second track on the album is a Graham Nash song “Teach Your Children”. This song is a pure classic and also holds well to the CSN harmony driven songwriting philosophy. The song also features guest vocals from Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. The 4th song of side 1 is the first offering from Neil Young.”Helpless” is a slow, tortured ballad which offered insight into the sound that Young would hold true to for the rest of the 1970’s. Side 1 finishes up with the classic Joni Mitchell cover “Woodstock” a biographical song of the music festival in which the band made their debut. The only real song of note on the second side of this album is Graham Nash’s “Our House” , a whimsical piano ballad that I never really cared all that much for but was a huge hit nonetheless.

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