#165 James McMurtry – Just Us Kids (2008)

James McMurtry is a singer/songwriter based out of the hotbed of independent music, Austin, TX. His lyrics are filled with intelligence and biting satire. He received critical acclaim for the albums cut “Cheney’s Toy”. It is a hard-hitting song aimed directly at the Bush administration and its constant fumbling of the war on terror and domestic national disasters. It is a political protest song in the truest sense. My personal favorite song on this album is “Hurricane Party”, which offers us insight into a small bar, filled with a cast of characters, riding out a hurricane. I have never personally attended a hurricane party, but i’ve always wanted to. And if I did I think I would want to be in this bar with this group of social outcasts, which are usually the most interesting and my favorite type of people. McMurtry, like Springsteen, Dylan & Mellencamp before him, offers of his view of americana told with a working class sensibility.

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