#162 Travis Tritt – It’s All About To Change (1991)

This one is either going to make Koolmo thrilled or pissed off, most likely a little of both. I mentioned earlier in my blog that I listened to a lot of country in the early ’90’s, truth is a lot of us did whether you admit or not. This period was a “second coming” of sorts for country. During the early 1980’s country music had a huge surge in popularity, much of this credit is given to the success of the movie “Urban Cowboy”. During 1990-1991 that popularity came back, thanks in large part to the success of Garth Brooks. That is the time period when “It’s All About To Change” was released. During this time Tritt’s “It’s All About To Change spent much time in my disc playerThis was Tritt’s second album after having moderate success on his debut “Country Club”. The album is still Tritt’s most successful selling over 3 million copies. The biggest hit off this disc was “Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)” a fun honky-tonk F U to an ex, and who doesn’t have an ex they want to tell that too? The rockin’ boogie of “Bible Belt” received some airplay after being included in the movie “My Cousin Vinny”.My personal favorite, which I drank many Beamer 7’s to, was “The Whiskey Ain’t Working Anymore” a great southern fried duet with Marty Stuart. The two would later collaborate on another song which would appear on Marty’s next album (which is on this list also, keep watching). Much of this album is more Southern Rock with a country twinge than straight country. Songs like “Don’t Fall In Love With A Rambler” or the cover of Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “Homesick” could have been on Kid Rock’s “Rock N Roll Jesus”. Of course there are a few country ballads on here as well like “If Hell Had A Jukebox”, “Nothing Short Of Dying” or the near perfect country ballad “Anymore”. This album is a great snapshot of those days… drinking whiskey & shooting pool at Roper’s in Fridley…..

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