#161 Five For Fighting – America Town (2000)

 The name of this band is deceiving because really Five For Fighting is a solo act named John Ondrasik, who is backed by studio musicians.  He adopted the name “Five for Fighting,” which is an expression in hockey when a player receives a five-minute penalty for fighting. Ondrasik is a life-long fan of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. After releasing his debut album in 1997 he was signed by Capitol Records and broke out with “America Town” in 2000. Right out of the gate track one “Easy Tonight” grabs your attention. A piano and acoustic guitar driven tune with pleasant vocals and a catchy chorus “I got 2 dimes in the telephone,alright, no it’s not easy tonight..” it would be the 2nd single released from “America Town”. It could not live up to the success of the discs first single “Superman” which was a huge crossover hit. Once again a piano driven song with great lyrics and a catchy chorus, “I’m only a man in a silly red sheet, digging for kryptonite on this one way street” and is told from Superman’s perspective of his longing for the rest of the world to relate to his human side. The 3rd single released was the title track”America’s Town” which followed the same formula as the previously released tracks but failed to garner the attention that they did. If you liked the sound of both “Easy Tonight” & “Superman” then this is right up your alley. And like those first 2 tunes the lyrics convey a pleading to understand the futility of but being merely one man and dealing with the pressures of everyday life. If you like these 3 singles then the you’ll dig the consistent sound of this album, both musically and lyrically.

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