#158 Indigo Girls – Strange Fire (1987/1989)

Sometime after high school I briefly had a job cleaning a car dealership at night after they had closed. I used to open the doors on several cars & tune them to the same radio station and crank it up so I had music while I was working. Every night I would hear the Indigo Girls “Closer To Fine” and really liked it to the point that I went out and bought the album. I fell in love with it and its folky harmonizing. This was what led me to purchase “Strange Fire”. This was actually their first album released independently in 1987 prior to their major label contract. Due to the success of “Indigo Girls” the record company repackaged and re released “strange fire” in 1989 and this was when I got it. It is a very folk, acoustic offering where some of the appeal is in the stripped down production value that focuses on the harmonizing and lyrics of the duo. The songs run the gambit from the upbeat “Land of Canaan” to the morose pleading of “Hey Jesus”. There is also a great cover of the hippie anthem “Get Together”.

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