#154 Jet – Get Born (2003)

From the first moment that you hear the guitar jangle riff from “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” the Australian band Jet has you hooked. They seem to capture a garage band sound that has been given a high production treatment but has remained genuine. It gives “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” a retro sound that is reminiscent of the White Stripes. The beauty is that they maintain this sound consistently and not just on a few choice cuts.”Rollover DJ” is a perfect example…it was the second single off the album, but it was a musical twin of the first and could have been the “flip side”. Jet stays true to its guitar based rock roots and even turns in tracks like “Cold Hard Bitch”. Which has a razor hard guitar riff that is reminiscent of early Thin Lizzy and sung with a snarl that you can almost see thru the speakers. They show that they can also slow it down without losing a single bit of sincerity.”Come Around Again” sounds like Oasis meets the Black Crowes, which as odd of a combination as that sounds… works. The first few piano chords of “Look What You’ve Done” sounds like Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” and then turns into a beautiful piano driven ballad. Even though they keep up their raw sound throughout this album …it never feels repetitious. As I re-listen to it now for the purpose of writing this blog..it brings me back to how much I enjoyed it and makes me wonder why I never bought any other Jet albums.

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