#152 Mark Chestnutt – Longnecks & Short Stories (1992)

Mark Chestnutt was another beneficiary of the early 90’s country boom. He, like many other country neo-traditionalists of that era, had the serendipitous fortune to release this album when he did. The first single off this release “Old Flames Have New Names” hit upon an ages old country theme of past loves told in a way that was reminiscent of “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”, complete with twangy vocals & fiddle. It launched the album into a big success. But it was the cheesy ” Bubba Shot The Jukebox” that propelled the record into the country stratosphere. although not quite is hokey as “Achey Breaky Heart”, but it was not far behind. One thing that must be admired by the country community is its ability to laugh at itself, and that is never any clearer then it is on a stereo typical song like “Bubba”. The song “Old Country” has a traditional sound that feels like it could have been recorded in the 1970’s. Maybe one of the strongest tracks is an old Hank Williams Jr. cover “I’ll Think of Something”. The slower tempo of these two songs does much to showcase that Chestnutt can actually sing a little bit. I also really like the uptempo, fiddle driven “Postpone The Pain”. Also I have to note the obligatory Hank Sr. tribute song “Talking To Hank”, which is a duet with George Jones.

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