#151 Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind (1997)

This is the eponymous debut for the band Third Eye Blind. The band’s name is a play on the metaphysical principle of the mind’s eye. What a debut it was spawning 3 top 10 songs and selling over 7 million copies.”Semi-Charmed Life” was the first single released and was an immediate hit. An uptempo, catchy song about being addicted to crystal meth. The song kicks off with a catchy, addicting guitar riff that keeps your fingers tapping the steering wheel. I can only guess that most people don’t listen to the words because this song is about addiction to crystal meth and a relationship that was once based on love and is now just based on their addiction.”Jumper” was another top 10 hit off this disc, once again a musically upbeat song with ominously dark lyrical content. This big difference between the song and “Semi-Charmed Life” though is that there is no doubt about its meaning. Once again the lyrics have a beauty and thoughtfulness. Then there is the 3rd top 10 hit on this offering “How’s It Gonna Be?”. This is a tremendously great song about a relationship struggling in its last stages. Although the narrator is aware that the relationship is beginning to fail, he seems to struggle with the actual act of letting go of the life and memories they have built together. when I really listen to this disc now it makes me wonder what happened to this band. The musicianship and writing are top-notch, how could the debut be the pinnacle of their success. I have never gotten another album of theirs, but after rediscovering it for purposes of this blog I may have to reconsider.

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