50 down, and 150 to go…

I started this Top 200 about a month and a half ago. I stated right out of the gate that I would not put any quotas on how often I posted to the list. With that being said, I have now reached the quarter pole. I’m quite sure that I will not keep up that kind of pace the rest of the way. I have found as I incrementally get further down the list, that I have more to write about each album. As of now I have committed 12,982 words to these first 50 albums (an average of 259 words per post). I have found myself re-appreciating so many of these albums, some I may have not listened to in years. I also said when I started this blog, that this effort was really only for my own personal satisfaction. Although that still holds true, I have also become very fond of perusing the blog statistics. The amount of visits the blog generated was just a trickle in the beginning. As of late, the pace has picked up quite a bit(although I still have zero subscribers, Wtf?). My Facebook page is the only place that I have posted a link to the blog, but it only accounts for 12% of the hits. The other 88% of visitors have been via web searches, which I found at first to be very surprising. I have already thought ahead to when I reach the conclusion of my Top 200 and have started entertaining thoughts of lists for my Greatest Hits & Live cd’s. But I digress and am getting ahead of myself…..we still have 150 more to go. So hang on and keep visiting, because it only gets better from here……

Your author enjoying 2 of his favorite things in life..a Joe Firstman show & beer..November 2005

Top 200

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