#135 Jack Johnson – Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George (2006)

Surfer turned singer Jack Johnson looked as though he was making a rather odd career move when he agreed to do this soundtrack to a children’s movie. The result was 4th studio album and yet another pleasant, mellow Jack Johnson record. Most of the songs that are on this effort sound as if they would fit seamlessly on any Johnson album and the songs that are clearly geared towards the younger set are fun,thoughtful and entertaining. His music always feels as laid back as his Hawaiian upbringing and is enhanced on this effort with many friends and fellow musicians appearing with him. The record would be the first soundtrack to an animated film to top the Billboard 200 since the Pocahontas soundtrack reigned for one week in July 1995. The first track “Upside Down” was released as a single on adult contemporary radio and did very well. It’s as good as any Johnson song on his previous releases and will probably show up on the future Jack Johnson Greatest Hits CD when he gets around to it. My other favorites on this album are geared towards kids “Jungle Gym” and “We Are Gonna Be Friends” (with Jack White of White Stripes fame) and “The Sharing Song”, they may be written with kids in mind but have the musical and lyrical sensibilities that make it easy listening for adults. My absolute favorite song on the disc is “The 3 R’s” which is a wonderfully addicting top tapping sing-a-long. While it might be a children’s soundtrack Jack does a wonderful job and it serves as a great buffer between studio releases for one of today’s most consistent artists.

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