#129 Kid Rock – Born Free (2010)


Before Rock N Roll Jesus I was not much of a Kid Rock fan. Sure there were a few songs I could tolerate but I just never dug the whole rap and rock bit. I will admit that I remember being a little embarrassed about buying Rock N Roll Jesus and wondering if there would be anything on it besides All Summer Long that I would be able to stomach. That album would go on to be the most played disc in my collection for the next year. So when Born Free made its way into my hands (props to Jeff) I was once again worried. Except this time I was worried that he would abandon the style that I loved so much on the previous record. Crisis averted. Born Free delivers more Kid tinged southern rock that goes down as smooth as a Whiskey Seven. To be completely honest, I have not had this record very long and I have been listening to more since the list for this blog was compiled. If this list was composed a year from now, this album would most likely rank higher than #129. The title track Born Free is patriotic southern rock anthem that comforts you right away that this record isn’t going to deviate too far from the formula that made the last album so successful. Simply put it’s a great drinking party sing-a-long tune. Following along those same “party time anthem” lines comes God Bless Saturday. It’s an instant classic and will be a hit of the bonfire circuit for years to come, with beer cans held high for sure (Monday’s just a bitch, Tuesday’s such a bother, Wednesday’ like im watchin’ dead flowers grow, Thursday aint for shit, Friday’s ‘ hotter but on Saturday night you know). I also like Slow My Roll, a mid tempo confessional to the onslaught of middle age, where the Kid (like many of us) preaches of his changing priorities brought on by his increase in age. Purple Sky is one of my favorite songs on this offering, much in the way that Blue Jeans and a Rosary was from the last disc. Just a fun song with some of the best lyrics on the disc (if I’m going to live till I’m 50, I’m going to need you by my side) and my favorite chorus on the album ( I just want to drink till I’m not thirsty, I just want to sleep till I’m not tired) and once again shows his musical maturity that would not have been found on Devil Without A Cause. Other great offerings on this effort are When It Rains and Rock Bottom Blues. I will find myself listening to this album more and more often (with a beer in hand of course) in anticipation of Kid’s impending 2012 release of Chilling The Most….

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