75 down….125 to go

Your author taking in a Bob Schneider show in December 2007

On April 22nd of this year I made my first post for this Top 200 blog. In these last 144 days I have made 77 posts that contained over 25,000 words that counted down 75 albums on the list. In that first post I explained the parameters that I was following to put my list together. One of the things that I mentioned is that I would not promise a timetable for each post. Obviously the farther I move down the list, the longer the lag time between posts. Quite simply the farther down I get on the list, I am posting on albums I like incrementally more and more. The more I like something there will be that much more I have to say concerning them. To illuminate my point, on my first 10 posts I wrote an average of 148 words about each album. On my last 10 post I averaged 550 words about each album. Although I really don’t plan out how much I’m going to write about each selection. I also stated that I really didn’t care who saw this list or not, that this was for me. If you enjoyed it..great. If you didn’t…that’s fine too. For the most part that is still pretty much the way I feel. But along the way something unexpected has happened. Very early on I discovered good ol’ WordPress “Site Stats”. If you knew me at all you would know that I am a stats guy, just love ’em. It would probably be the reason I such a huge baseball fan. The more people who have come to view my blog has, at times, inspired me to get posts out at a more timely rate than I might have otherwise. I have been pleasantly surprised to see the steady, continued growth in the number of site views I have received:

April – 90 views

May – 259 views

June – 942 views

July – 1,660 views

August – 2,563 views

While I’m not about to make a living being an independent blogger, it is nice to know that my words have not fallen on deaf ears, so to speak. I look forward to continuing my blog list and watching those numbers continue to grow. Don’t be afraid to be a subscriber, give your input in the comments section or hit the “share” buttons to share a post on your Facebook or twitter feed………….

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