#124 Pat Monahan – Last Of Seven (2007)

After the disappointing release of Train’s For Me It’s You lead singer Pat Monahan decided it was time for himself to cut a solo album, 2007’s Last Of Seven was the result. Commercially the result was every bit as flat as the previous Train disc. If you are a fan of the band, that was probably a good thing. Had Last Of Seven caught on there is a good chance it would have been the end of the band and we may have never gotten Hey Soul Sister. The truth is that this was a decent offering. Musically it closely follows the lines of a latter-day Train album which of course is in large part to Pat’s signature voice. Love him or not there is no denying the golden vocal cords that the man possesses. I have been an outspoken critic of Pat for quite a few years. The man fell into all the trappings of success and in the process ruined a great band, in my opinion.My problem never involved his talent.He can flat-out fucking sing (even if he does occasionally wear women’s jeans when he does it). He has all the tools that are required of a classic rock bands front man. He also can be a terrific writer, when doesn’t try too hard to be a pop sensation and rhyme every other word. Last of Seven has plenty of both. The first single off the disc was Her Eyes, which is a catchy little pop jingle. It’s a fun tune which doesn’t pretense to be anything more than that and yes he does get a little a rhyme-y on this one, there are times when it works and this is one of them. The only other single to released from this record was Two Ways To Say Goodbye, a slower tempo tune that rates as just average. It was an odd choice to be a single since there several other songs on the disc that are far stronger. Someday would have been a much more appropriate follow-up to Her Eyes. It is an excellent, well written song that features Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora (the worlds most over rated guitar player from the worlds most over rated band) on guitar and would have had a much better chance of garnering more widespread commercial appeal. I love  Ooh My My, which starts off nice and soft then kicks in with a Bad Company type classic rock sound. Then there is the jazzy piano ballad duet with Brandi Carlile, Pirate On The Run. This is just a great song. Pat’s singing is understated and Brandi’s voice has a Norah Jones come hither purr. Always Midnight is my favorite song on this effort and the one song that sounds like it could be an old Train song. A slow, desperate ballad sung with a sadness and desperation (I’d rather be crazy than right, tonight) that comes thru your ears like smooth Tennessee whiskey. This song is Pat at both his singing and writing best.

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