#120 Steve Poltz – Unraveling (2008)

The always excentric Steve Poltz finds his way back unto my blog with 2008’s Unraveling. It had been 5 years since Steve’s last record Chinese Vacation had been released. For a prolific songwriter like Poltz that is an eternity, a time period that would allow him to stockpile several albums worth of new material.  So when he released 2008’s Traveling he also compiled a second disc of material that did not make the cut and released it as Unraveling a companion record which was originally only available at Steve’s live performances. The content contained within Unraveling is a little more uneven than it’s predecessor and as such is not quite as cohesive. But that is understandable since this disc was mostly made up of “extra” songs that were not included on Traveling. That being said

Steve being Steve @ Nomad Pub in Minneapolis 2008

there are some songs on this offering that I really love and shake my head that they are not included on the initial release. The disc kicks off with a thinly veiled war protest song “Bombs”. It is a unique offering compared to the rest of this mostly acoustic set of songs. With a harder musical edge and the distorted fuzz of electric guitars it inspires euphoric recall of a Rugburns song. On the other end of the spectrum is “Light In Your Eyes” & “Once Again”, heartfelt acoustical numbers where Steve hits the mark. “Once Again” was co-written with AJ Croce, son of the late, great Jim Croce. I remember seeing Steve live once where while introducing this tune, he claimed they had written this song on Jim’s guitar (because it was a “magical” guitar), I don’t know if this is true but if it is

that’s cool as shit. It has a beautiful catchy feel that is the trademark of Poltzy’s best “serious” material. “Light In Your Eyes” is an even slower song. It captures Steve’s voice at its most authentic and feels like an autobiographical (which can be some of SJJP’s best songwriting) tune set to a soul pleasing melody. “Pixy Stick Girl” is a hybrid Poltz song. It embraces his silliness but is set to a melodic rollercoaster of sounds and was a great live song for many years. As I have stated in earlier blog post concerning Steve Poltz, he can not be fully appreciated without experiencing one of his live performances. For a long time one of his closing songs of the evening is also the song that closes out Unraveling. “Every Hour Every Day” ranks right up at the top of my favorite Poltz songs. It emotes such a positive feeling in the cockles of your heart and embodies the unbridled exuberance that is Steve Poltz’s approach to life. It is just such a Poltz song, what a

great choice to end an album with.

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