One Year Down….or My Times Flies….or Are We There Yet?

Everclear 2-8-2007 @ the Fine Line

Yesterday, Sunday Aprill 22nd 2012 marked the one year anniversary since I started this blog. The idea was to count down my favorite 200 albums that I own in the format of blogging.  In the last year I have counted down the first 95 albums on the list and written over 38,000 words to describe them. As I have stated on past posts I have put no time-frame on how long that I may take to accomplish this list. I came out of the gate swinging…but that pace has slowed considerably the farther up the list that I have climbed.

There are 2 things that have surprised me since I began this task. The first thing is the lack of comments or opposition to my choices. I would have expected more people telling me why something is rated too low. Because of course I am making this list in order of my particular tastes I expected that my choices would have had some backlash…but apparently not. The other, and perhaps bigger, surprise is how many people have viewed the pages on my blog. Over 22,400 people have stopped by in the last year. Although I never put much thought into how much traffic I might get on the blog, I can easily say that this total by far exceeds anything I may have imagined.

So thank you very much to those of you who have came by and checked out my little self indulgent corner of the blogosphere, keep on coming by to see what’s new on the list…..and here we go with next 105 selections…………….on with the show……..



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2 Responses to One Year Down….or My Times Flies….or Are We There Yet?

  1. Jeff says:

    I was just going to wait until you were done. I didn’t wanna write “You’re nuts” 200 times! 😉

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