#101 Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane (2002)


The first, last and only Maroon 5 album worth owning, Songs About Jane hit the shelves in the year of our Lord 2002. While everyone and their sister is in love with Adam Levine now, in 2002 that was not the case. There it sat with little to no fan fare for nearly a year before the first single, Harder To Breathe, began to pick up steam. The album slowly gained airplay, and eventually became a sleeper hit, selling more than 10 million copies and certifying as multi-platinum in several countries. Songs About Jane became the tenth best-selling album of 2004, two years after its release It was this song that prompted me to pick up the CD early on. Catchy and funky…and a little bit dirty if you listen to the words (Clutching your pillow and writhing in a naked sweat….Hoping somebody someday will do you like I did). Being completely honest I fell in love with this disc almost immediately and played it constantly for a period of time after I purchased it. The sound was fresh, if not a bit over produced, and was a funky blending of pop,rock & adult contemporary. After this disc got huge and played to fucking death, my interest for it waned considerably. But for purposes of this blog I’m trying to hear it with fresh ears again.

Of course the second single, This Love, became a monster smash that helped push this album to mega-platinum status. For good reason too, as this is a brilliantly written and arranged pop gem.Maroon 5 won their first Grammy Award, Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, for this song at the 2006 Grammy Awards. For me it was songs like the “The Sun” and my personal favorite on the album”Sunday Morning” that I gravitated to almost right away. Songs that held a groove and belied a funk soul that would seem impossible for a white, upper middle class Jewish boy.

While I have not been a fan of anything Adam or the band has done since…. Songs About Jane is a funky pop gem that can be played from start to finish with very little discomfort.

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