#99 Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)


I’m going to preface this blog posting with a disclaimer. This is by far the post that, up to this point, gives me the most anxiety in writing. I’m not a huge Nirvana fan and even less of a  Kurt Cobain fan. To many people this may be their favorite album of all time. I get it. But this is a blog that reflects my opinion. Since I started this blog almost 3 years ago my ideas on how I should have done it have altered. If I ever get finished with it (and judging by my prolific posting that’s a huge IF) I may just start it right over again. I feel, for me personally, that I rated this one too high on the list. Because of the legacy this album has I think I felt compelled to keep pushing it up the list. There is no denying this record has taken on a life of it’s own in the music world. It has been given credit for killing MTV, killing hair metal, creating Grunge (I’m still not sure that I know what the fuck Grunge is),changing radio formats,etc. Some of it’s true, some of it’s legend and some of it’s hyperbole. I mean let’s be clear here…Axl Rose killed Guns N Roses , not Nirvana. I think more than anything that there was a serendipitous timing for this record..that things aligned in a perfect way for Nevermind (this link will take you to the Wiki page for the album…it’s a much better, more informative read than you’ll get from me).  Of course none of that would have happened had it not been a good album, which it was. I just don’t consider it either great nor groundbreaking. Perhaps I’m just an idiot considering this CD has sold over 30,000,000 copies worldwide. What I will say is that Cobain, who is propped up on a pedestal by many for having so much integrity, strong-armed his band mates into giving him 75% of the songwriting royalties for the band (that were originally split equally) after this album became such a hit….and had the balls to make it retroactive back to Nevermind (sounds an awful lot like the same shit Axl pulled on the boys from Guns…just saying). I’m going to get off my soapbox although I feel like I could write so much more on this subject…and get back to the album.

Speaking of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”…I can recall the first time I heard this song. I was living with this girl named Darcia over off of Lake St. & Hiawatha in a tough little part of south Minneapolis in a converted four plex. I’ve always been one to listen to music when I take a shower (usually to the aggravation of those who have cohabited with me)…hey I like what I like. I was listening to an alternative station on the radio…I dont know how many of you remember the great 2 year run of the best alt station the Twin Cities ever had  Modern Rock KJ104 ( I find it a little ironic, in retrospect, that just about a year after this band supposedly changed radio that this station was forced to change formats…which really sucked, because there was no where else where you would hear shit like King Missile “Detachable Penis” or School Of Fish “3 Strange Days”)…but that’s what I was listening to.It’s funny that I even remember this, although I really don’t remember what my reaction to it was at the time. While I could write about the songs that I like on this CD (Come As You Are, Lithium, In Bloom, Polly,etc.) I’m not going to. Most of you reading this probably have this in your collection or have your own opinions on these songs as much as just about any other album on this blog.

While I may not subscribe as much as others to the church of Nirvana as others, there is no denying the power and legacy of Nevermind. If I needed further proof of that, its right here at home. Both of my teenagers, born after Kurt Cobain died, are huge Nirvana fans.

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