#96 Marc Cohn – The Rainy Season (1993)

marc cohn the rainy season

This is the 3rd (and not final) appearance on this blog for Mr. Marc Cohn, one of my personal favorite artists.When Marc released his debut album “Marc Cohn” in 1991, he was 32 years old. It was a beautifully written, thoughtful, near perfect masterpiece. “Walking In Memphis” was a huge hit and oh yeah he also garnered himself the Grammy for Best New Artist, there’s not much pressure that goes along with that. You see when you release your 1st album at 32 years old it means that you put in years of work leading up to it. Then you have to go back and recreate it all in an amazingly short period of time. This can be one of the leading causes of the dreaded Sophomore Slump that haunts the release of the follow up record. At age 33 he was an “overnight” sensation. As is the record business’ way, he was rushed into the studio to get a follow-up on the streets as quickly as possible and was releasing “The Rainy Season” in the spring of 1993. Although it was not near as commercially successful as his eponymous debut, it was not a huge flop. With all that being said…lets be very honest here…that debut album would have been impossible to top (I have seen Marc joke at shows when playing songs from the debut “Here’s another one from my Greatest Hits record”). The success of the debut also afforded Marc the ability to have some great people contribute to the new effort, including notable guest appearances by David CrosbyGraham Nash, and Bonnie Raitt. Given all the above, “The Rainy Season”  is a very solid release.

The record kicks of “Walk Through The World”. It’s a wonderful introduction to the album. A great jangley piano riff that never ceases to make me smile. An upbeat song of longing to be with your love. I have an incredible version of this song on a Cities 97 Sampler with just Marc and the Piano that’ll just knock your socks off. The title track “The Rainy Season” is another stand out cut. Another Cohn tune where his soulful voice is captivating and fits the music like hand in glove (cause you look older today than I’ve ever seen ya). While these 2 tracks stand above all others on this record there are several strong cuts. I love the almost Dylan-ish “Don’t Talk To Her At Night” that is an acoustic guitar driven track. “She’s Becoming Gold” is another piece of mellow piano magic.. The eerily beautiful “Mama’s In The Moon”. Then there is a personal favorite of mine, “The Things We’ve Handed Down”. A song about a parents love for their child. I saw Marc do this song as his final encore one evening at the Fitzgerald Theater in St.Paul and it damn near brought me to tears in it’s simplistic beauty.

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