#93 Billy Squier – Here and Now (1989)


The 1980’s didn’t end the way they started for Billy Squier. The curse of the “Rock Me Tonite” video was too much to overcome. After stringing together 3 straight Platinum selling albums (Don’t Say No, Emotions In Motion & Signs Of Life) this would be his 2nd consecutive offering to struggle to send 300,000 copies. The decline in popularity was obvious with the venues he was playing when he came to Minneapolis. After seeing Billy play the Met Center and St.Paul Civic Center arenas in his previous trips to town, this tour found him playing the Orphium Theater. I was the “Squier” guy at Blaine High School. Just like Mike Williams was the “Kiss ” guy, Jeff Koolmo was the “Journey” guy, Kent Larson was the “Iron Maiden” guy, Dave Marchetti was the “Who” guy,etc. Squier’s music had carried me thru the phases of my adolescence. When Don’t Say No was released I was 12…when Hear & Now was released I was 20. An eternity had passed but I still identified with Billy’s music.

It’s too bad this record flew so far under the radar because it was probably better than anything he had released since Signs Of Life. I feel like Billy is such an underrated guitarist, his ability to come up with catchy, amp popping riffs is mind blowing. It continues on this effort. “Don’t Say You Love Me” shows of his guitar prowess and I feel ranks right up at the top of any Squier “Best Of” lists and although it was his highest charting single since “Rock Me Tonite” it reached no farther than #58 on Billboards Hot 100. It would reach #5 on the AOR charts becoming the 5th of 6 top 10 hits on the AOR charts. Billy’s riffs reach a fever pitch on his guitar opus “G.O.D.” a return to his stadium shaking rockers. While Squier might provide much speaker thumping guitar work on this album it is in the quieter moments that he shines. “Don’t Let Me Go” finds his lyricism at it’s best ( You are the reason…Your’s are the final eyes…and when I hold…no one can touch me now). Of course I’m a sucker for sappy romantic ballads and every Squier album holds a favorite one for me…on this effort it’s “Your Love Is My Life” fits that to a “T”.

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