I am a 45 year-old single Dad living in Coon Rapids,MN, a northern suburb of Minneapolis. I have a beautiful, smart as a whip 18-year-old daughter….who sometimes shares my love of music and sports. I have a handsome, funny as heck 15-year-old son who is obsessed with video
games & airsoft guns.

Besides my love of music, I am a big sports fan & an enormous Minnesota Twins fan.


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  1. Jon says:

    Hey there,
    I was looking for some information about Brian Setzer in 1988, when he toured with George Thorogood.

    I read your review of the GT album and you mention that you remember seeing him at the Riverfest in Harriet Island… do you, by any chance, remember if it was back in 1988 and also, if Brian Setzer was on the bill??

    Any information would be of any help!

    • volavka says:

      I attended the Riverfest musical festival several years when it was active in the 1980’s. One of the big attractions was that each night would have several bigger name artists. Surprisingly I do not recall who was with Lonesome George on that particular evening, but I am fairly confident Setzer was not one of them. I do remember seeing him at Riverfest though, but I can’t recall which year. Loverboy was the headliner, and I believe Heart was the middle band. Unfortunately Brian was not received well and threatened the crowd that Loverboy would not play if people didn’t stop throwing the plastic Riverfest beer cups on stage. That resulted in him being booed and deluged with beer cups and I believe he left the stage in the middle of a song and cut his set extremely short.

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